Category: Proprioceptive Medicine

Discussion an presentation of the theory and paradigm of Proprioceptive Medicine and how it relates to patient recovery and diagnostic application here at Active Health in Bath.


The Neurology of Fascia: A New Perspective for the Effectiveness of Trigenics®A very short article wherein Dr. Allan Oolo Austin, DC, DO, CCRD, CCSP; discusses how proprioceptive afferents from fascia can modulate our ability to feel pain due to the inverse relationship that exists between myofascial pain and proprioception. As ... Read More
24/06/2016Robin Marshall


There comes a time when if you want to truly get better (stay better) you have to stop treating the symptom. Like constantly inflating a flat tyre, it is a vain attempt to treat the problem, that will ultimately fail. The puncture itself must be fixed, not the lack of ... Read More
16/03/2014Robin Marshall