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What's wrong with dumbing down Anatomy!Why anatomy text books which just show muscles, tendons and bones are really “functional anatomy for dummies”. Great article by Brian Abelson introducing the subjects of the myofascial system, the kinetic web and the concept of tensegrity. I really like this picture of the elbow with ... Read More
02/04/2017Robin Marshall


Physical exercise plays a key part in staying healthy. Whether this is within a gym or sporting environment, the aim to to exercise safety. Unfortunately even the most careful can sometimes succumb to injury. Injuries can be caused by many components such as not warming up properly, pushing yourself too ... Read More
19/11/2016Mazeie Phillips


If you struggle with premenstrual symptoms such as mood swings, irritability, muscle cramps, cravings and bloating; don’t worry you’re not alone. Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) affects up to 90% of women before they reach the menopause; for some, the symptoms can be mild and almost unnoticeable, whilst for others, they can ... Read More
03/09/2016Robin Marshall


The Neurology of Fascia: A New Perspective for the Effectiveness of Trigenics®A very short article wherein Dr. Allan Oolo Austin, DC, DO, CCRD, CCSP; discusses how proprioceptive afferents from fascia can modulate our ability to feel pain due to the inverse relationship that exists between myofascial pain and proprioception. As ... Read More
24/06/2016Robin Marshall


For those of you who are unsure as to what ‘Rehabilitation’ stands for, this article has been created to educate and increase awareness. Rehabilitation is defined as ‘the act of restoring something to its original state’. Within our clinic, rehabilitation involves the diagnosis and treatment of the movement system. I ... Read More
02/09/2015Mazeie Phillips


More and more patients are asking “Should I get my food allergies / intolerances tested?” I thought about doing a short video to answer this and then whilst researching the best way of presenting the material I found this fantastic video that explains the answer very well.
21/06/2015Robin Marshall


People often ask whether buying organic is really healthier, and the answer is yes. Does it make a real difference to one’s health? Very much so. Eating organic protects you from potentially harmful chemicals such as pesticides and gives you more nutrient dense food. For instance, organic tomato ketchup ... Read More
26/04/2015Robin Marshall


Time constraints during consultation often mean that we cannot fully explain why for some patients who are not celiac, we still advise trying a wheat, gluten or grain free diet. This video broadly summarises many of the reasons with a strong focus on Brain Health, following the release of ... Read More
27/02/2015Robin Marshall


With the ice bucket challenge currently replicating like a virus through social media to raise much needed awareness of ALS (amyotrophic lateral scelrosis), a few patients have started to ask what is the condition and is it another name for MND (motor neuron disease)? If you don't make it to the ... Read More
06/09/2014Robin Marshall


When many people read ‘cost effective’ they only see the cost not the effectiveness. Remember we eat for nutritional needs. Therefore effectiveness should be based on nutritional delivery surely? A new analysis appears to refuel the debate about the nutritional value of organic versus conventional foods, by finding that organic crops ... Read More
17/03/2014Robin Marshall


Made freely available by Robert Rakowski and blogtalkradio, please take the time to listen to Dr Bob’s seven critical steps to health as he is interviewed by Pete Cohen. Skip to 1:30 to start and forgive the well meaning interviewer for his enthusiastic interruptions. You’ll be thinking right, eating right, ... Read More
17/03/2014Robin Marshall


There comes a time when if you want to truly get better (stay better) you have to stop treating the symptom. Like constantly inflating a flat tyre, it is a vain attempt to treat the problem, that will ultimately fail. The puncture itself must be fixed, not the lack of ... Read More
16/03/2014Robin Marshall


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