Clinic Products

Products available to purchase from reception at our clinic Active Health

Years ago we used to suggest products during consultation that would help patients. This rarely resulted in our patients being able to source them by themselves. Often as practitioners we would spend a lot of time after the clinic day had ended searching online for the best quality and effective product at the cheapest price possible. Usually a thankless and lengthy task resulting in an email and link, when the patient finally did get to purchase the product they needed to help them recover or stay healthy they would nearly always end up paying a lot of money and having to cover postage.

The logical solution was to buy in bulk and maintain small levels of stock on site at the clinic saving the patient from paying the full RRP and postage, and saving us time and energy.

Over time this has lead to us selling many different types of clinical product. We have never set out to be a “shop”, rather we have sourced products that support our clinical care such as rehabilitation aids, spinal support products and nutritional supportive supplements.

Below is a list of some of the main products we stock. We always beat RRP and online offers if you purchase and pick up from the clinic. With the exception of Therapeutica and Cytoplan products, all the products will have to be purchased and collected from the clinic. If you purchase the product and collect from the clinic we can always beat RRP and obviously you save the postage. Contact Us if you wish to inquire about prices or specific stock of something you need.

  • Organic Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Fish Oils (Omega 3 supplements)
  • Food State Nutritional Supplements from Cytoplan
  • Nutritional Supplements from other providers (Nutri, Invivo Clinical, Metagenics etc)
  • Spinal supports from Therapeutica
  • Orthopedic Pillows
  • Stretcha Band (progressive resistance bands)
  • Gyroscopic wrist rehabilitators (power balls)
  • Pilates Balls