Dr Bob Rakowski’s Magnificent Seven To Health

Dr Bob Rakowski’s Magnificent Seven To Health

Made freely available by Robert Rakowski and blogtalkradio, please take the time to listen to Dr Bob’s seven critical steps to health as he is interviewed by Pete Cohen. Skip to 1:30 to start and forgive the well meaning interviewer for his enthusiastic interruptions.

You’ll be thinking right, eating right, moving right, pooing right, sleeping right and talking right in no time!

Everyone can start to improve their health and benefit themselves and others starting today. Now is always the right time to start being healthier (in fact you know as well as I do you can only ever start in the now).

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Robin is the editor of theactivehealthclinic.com and is the principle Chiropractor of Active Health Chiropractic and Physiotherapy in Bath. Visit Robin’s team page to learn more.


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